Minutes of Steering committee meeting

The steering committe met last Friday at Jamaica Inn. Here are the minutes of that meeting.

Surfing Meeting -
Minutes – 11.11.2011

Present at the
meeting were:
  Kerry Powell, Andy
Sturt, Bob Freshwater, Kevin Cook, Hugo Tagholm, Greg Martin, Bruce Daniel, Sam
Lamiroy, Gail Sheath, Kevin Smith, Rob Tibbles, Rob Whitney, Isabelle Bromham,
Adrian Phillips, Alex Williams, Nigel Semmens, Matt Knight, Alex Wade.

Also present at the meeting was Esther Pearson, Chief
Executive of SLSGB

Apologies:  Phil William, Dave Reed, Jamie Wilcox, Gary
King, Ester Spears, Paul Barrington, Tony Good, Jonty Tucker

Declaration of
  Matt Knight, Bruce Daniel
and Kevin Smith declared an interest in relation to their children having being selected as part of the British Junior

  1. 1.       Statement from Alex Wade

Alex gave a brief overview of his career background and
how his passion for surfing made him reach the decision to become involved and
help sort out the recent difficulties and obstacles preventing Surfing GB from
moving forward.    Key elements to work

To create a well structured and efficient
surfing organisation with a sound and professional administrative set up

The NGB should represent a wider range of  surfing disciplines

To develop and make surfing more socially

To increase participation and have full
regional representation

To ensure that a British surfer competes on
the elite world tour within five to ten years, something the UK is more than
capable of doing  and a vision to work


  1. 2.
    Review of current position

Matt Knight
provided an update on progress since the meeting in Newquay. Despite several
requests made since the end of September, Geoff Swallow is yet to produce and

Accurate and up to
date accounts, including a statement of financial liabilities as well as current
overdraft and insurance premiums due.

Submit all completed
documentation required by the Sports and Recreation Alliance from the Sport
England Grant, working towards NGB status.

A written agreement
for a number of new directors to come into SGB from the interim committee with
immediate effect.


Surfing GB still has no constitution, no office, no
operational structure and no one looking after and or communicating with

Geoff Swallow and Mike Thomas have asked for another meeting
with Matt, Isabelle and Rob but because the requested above documents were
never provided, discussing a way forward without basic but very important
information would very likely prove to be again a meeting without result.


Some committee members raised the need to try and meet with
Geoff Swallow and Mike Thomas, as a last attempt, before deciding on a way
forward, to try and tease out once and for all what the issues are.

Action Point:  Strategic Committee to organise a meeting
with Geoff Swallow and Mike Thomas as soon as possible and to provide an update
at the next meeting. It was agreed that Alex Wade and Alex Williams would try
to achieve this.

  1. 3.
    of  Interim committee

The current committee is shown below and at present is
an interim steering committee.  The purpose of this committee is to provide
some kind of support and normality during the period of crisis but
fundamentally to creat an efficient working National Governing Body for British

The following people were voted unanimously, by show of

Alex Wade

Vice Chairman:   Bruce Daniels

Secretary:    Matt Knight

Treasurer:   Isabelle Bromham

  Sam Lamiroy


  1. 4.
    of Interim sub-committee
Strategy Alex Wade, Nigel Semmens, Sam Lamiroy, Phil Williams,
Bruce Daniel
Coaching and Accreditation Kevin Cook, Gary King and Chris Rea, George Stoy
Rob Tibbles, Kerry Powell, Alex Wade, Sam Lamiroy, Alex
 Judges Bob Freshwater, Kerry Powell, Ester Spears
Clubs Matt Knight, Kevin Smith, Paul Barrington, Gail Sheath
Isabelle Bromham, Kerry Powell, Matt Knight, Kevin Smith
Consultation Isabelle Bromham, Alex Williams, Rob Tibbles, Adrian
Coaching John Ellis, Lloyd Cole, Tony Good, Joel Gray, Joey Buran, Ester Spears,
Dave Reed, Russell Winter
Education and schools Rob Whitney, Jamie Wilcox, Sam Lamiroy
Events Rob Whitney, Matt Knight, Kerry Powell, Gail Sheath.  Dave Reed TBC.
Performance Sam Lamiroy, Nigel Semmens, Andy Sturt.  Dave Reed and Joey Buran TBC
Ladies Kerry Powell, Gail Sheath, Hannah Hardy.  Corinne Evans TBC

Martin to act as a secondary role in providing advice and guidance.

Action Point:  All sub-committees to formulate a plan of
action/proposal ready for the next committee meeting.  In order to work more efficiently, each
sub-committee should nominate one person who will act as main contact point and
report progress at meetings.

  1. 5.

The committee spoke about the need for a working website to
start communicating with the surfing community.
Due to the lack of funds, it was agreed that this would have to be done
on a voluntary basis until money is raised for a fuller all singing and dancing
site.   This work would probably have to
go through a tendering process.

  1. 6.
    Strategy for Insurance of Clubs and Surf Schools

There are still great uncertainties about the Surfing GB
insurance cover and the accuracy of the database which requires an up to date
members list in order to be validated.  As
a temporary measure Esther Pearson reported that on speaking to Sportscover SLSGB
could offer an additional membership scheme and insurance cover for surfing

Action Point:  Rob Whitney is to contact the insurance
company to find out the current situation so that we can decide if SLSGB’s
offer can be put forward to the surfing community.

  1. 7.
    – Esther Pearson

Esther went through the SLSGB proposal, in terms of how
surfing would sit under the SLSGB staff and board of Directors structure. Esther
explained the financial set up and arrangements with electronic membership
renewal, payments, and the level of cover options. Please see attached document
for full proposal.  Questions were raised
about the level of autonomy surfing would be able to keep under an umbrella

Although everyone agreed that the operational system for
SLSGB is indeed very efficient, it became clear that financial sponsorship or
grant money received for surfing would be separated into an account for
surfing. Based on a simple trading subsidiary model any additional surplus not
needed to meet the surfing business plan would go back to the umbrella
organisation.  This raised greater
concerns from committee members and would require further discussion with
SLSGB.  The committee proceeded to vote
by majority for working with SLSGB. Bob Freshwater and Kerry Powell asked for
their ‘against’ vote to be noted in the minutes.  Alex Wade went on to add that the committee
should not feel pressurised in committing to SLSGB but should instead seek to
fully investigate the other available options.

Action Point:  Alex Wade and Strategy Sub-Committee to meet
with Esther Pearson to investigate further SLSGB proposal.

  1. 8.

Freshwater gave an update on UK judges and pointed out that 24 unqualified
judges have been used for contests.

  • To date 43 judges are accredited
  • Judges need to renew their membership by
    the 1st week of January 2012.
    All judges to be contacted
  • Renewal cost is $500


Bob reported that the UK is registered with the ISA.


Action Point: Bob
Freshwater to contact all current qualified judges. Renewal is possible in the
absence of an NGB.  The UK is registered
with the ISA.

  1. 9.
    Squad Update

Junior squad selection was announced last week as well as
the training schedule and the trainers/coaches. Joey Buran to lead the British
squad.  Matt Knight presented the
estimated total cost of the Panama trip at around £20,000 + £4500 for the
winter training programme.  A full budget
breakdown was presented to the committee.
Some committee members raised their concerns with the selection of
coaches in the context of personal interest and it was agreed that coaching
would still need reviewing once a proper structure is in place.

  1. Hugo
    and Andy from SAS had to leave the meeting early due to other prior commitment but
    gave a position on SAS involvement in the future.  They would need to have clear remit and more
    clarity on how their organisation could assist surfing GB but equally SAS has a
    very good working model with communication and marketing experience to bring to
    the table.

Action Point:  As both left before the election took place,
Alex Wade to contact Andy and Hugo to ask them if they wanted to sit on one of
the sub- committees.

  1. 11.
    Surf Championship Finance

Matt Knight explained that the account was yet to be finalised
as he is still paying invoices or awaiting sponsorship payment.  The approximate cost of the event was£3,500/£4,000.  Matt stated that c. £1,500 of surplus will be
left in the account and asked the committee if we could vote for the money to
be used for the development stage of the surfing organisation.   All members agreed and said that the full
account for the event should be posted on the event website.

Action Point:  Matt Knight to forward full account to Rob
Tibbles when ready.  Isabelle to set up a
financial spreadsheet

Meeting adjourned at 11.30

Date of next meeting:
Thursday 24th November, 7pm

Location: Surf Life Saving Great Britain

1st Floor

19 Southernhay West




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