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The 2011 British National Surf Championships Website is now LIVE. Open and Open women surfers, together with juniors and grommets of both sexes, will compete for the British titles on 29th 30th October, at Fistral in Newquay.
With on-going difficulties at Surfing GB, none of the 2011 National events were scheduled to take place. Alarm bells started ringing amongst surfers that their NGB was in a state of crisis.
Volunteers stepped forward to salvage the most important event, the British Nationals; making a statement to the wider surfing community that events like this matter; and that no- one sponsor, or failing NGB, can take away surfer’s rights to contest their National titles, run their own events, and determine their own governance.
That message struck a chord. Within a fortnight an eclectic and diverse range of sponsors had offered their support. From surf industry giants to local shops and tourist businesses, the offers of help rolled in.

Event co-ordinator Matt Knight said: “We have asked all potential sponsors to work together, and respect the principle that no-one sponsor has priority over any other for this unique contest. It’s a not-for-profit event, which will bring everyone together to send a profound message to the wider surfing community: that we want to see an end to the problems, and a focus on doing the things we want done. That includes running important contests like this one”
That message has been picked up by Dave Reed, Director of the UKProsurf tour, who has agreed to bring his experience and professional team to the Nationals to ensure a credible and well run contest.
“Having the support of people like Dave, Head Judge Ester Spears, and the many seasoned professionals they work with, gives us confidence that things will run smoothly and fairly” said Knight.
“The volunteers who have put this event together are determined to see surfers given the best opportunity to compete, and we are stoked to have the UKprosurf team on board.”
The event will coincide with an AGM, at which the future direction of Surfing GB will undoubtedly be the main focus. There is currently just one elected executive committee member left of the three that took office in 2010, so elections are planned. Volunteers are being asked to step forward to offer their energy and experience to a new and credible exec.

Sponsors are still sought for some junior divisions and small cash donations are also welcome from any business in the south west that might have benefited from surfing in the last 40 years. All supporters and donors will get a link on the dedicated web page.
Entry forms and news about the 2011 British National Surf Championships can be found at

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