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This website was built with the express purpose of publicising and delivering the 2011 British Surfing Championships.  The success of that event in providing a focal point for the British Surf Community led to the formation of a Steering Committee. During the winter of 2011-2012 that committee met a number of times and ultimately took control of the National Governing Body for Surfing in Britain- Surfing GB

To all those who supported the British Champs through the event and the dark winter days that followed… a heartfelt thanks. Thanks to you, Surfing GB has been rejuvenated and is working to represent the interests of all surfers in all regions, up & down the country and across all disciplines.

This website will remain operational for us to publicise specific events… perhaps even the 2012 British Champs! In the meantime please contact Matt Knight or Kerry Powell for Surfing GB news- via or the contact details found on that site

Thanks again for your support.

Matt Knight. Member Services Director, Surfing GB